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Spotify playlist names funny

Creative Spotify playlist names for all kinds of music lovers
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Creative Spotify playlist names for all kinds of music lovers

Saturday, August 14, 2021 at 7:48 PM by Regina Stets

Spotify is a popular music platform where millions of people listen to their favourite songs and have an option to save them to their library. There is also a handy opportunity to create a playlist filled with songs you love or grouping tracks of the same genre together. What are some interesting playlist names that you can use?

  • Creative Spotify playlist names for all kinds of music lovers
  • What should I name my playlist on Spotify?
  • Funny playlist names
  • Creative playlist names
  • Sad playlist names
  • Aesthetic playlist names
  • Rock playlist names
  • Rap playlist names
  • What do you name an indie playlist?
  • Country playlist names
  • R&B playlist names
  • Grunge playlist names
  • Sassy playlist names
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Creative playlist namesSpotify library. Photo:, @heidifin
Source: UGC

People who enjoy being organized like giving interesting titles to their playlists. You can compile a specific list of tracks for any occasion, no matter if it is a fun party, a quiet morning jog, or a road trip.

If you are one of those music lovers who are excited about every song compilation of yours and wants to share it with others, here are some awesome playlist name ideas for your entertainment.

What should I name my playlist on Spotify?

In case you are having a hard time coming up with the title of your music compilation, fear not – we are here to help you.

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There are various types of playlist names you can use, ranging from funny and creative to serious and poetic. They can also be specific to the genre of music that this playlist consists of.

Funny playlist names

Check out some hilarious and creative playlist names that you can put to use. They are clever, witty and will make people appreciate your sense of humour.

  • Songs that make no sense
  • Listen, don’t read
  • Singles feeling heartbreak
  • Songs with nothing but beat drops
  • Idk what to call this playlist, but it’s fun
  • Songs ruined by TikTok
  • Songs that make studying s*ck less
  • POV: you are really rich
  • You are a mean girl in the 2000s
  • My emo phase
  • Say cheese
  • 404 not found
  • Smelly cat
  • Big Brother is watching you
  • Prince cheeseburger
  • I love pizza
  • My inner demons
  • Plastic Barbie doll
  • They stole my idea
  • Highway to hell

Creative playlist names

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Fill your life with a little creativity by giving an exciting name to your music list.

  • Honeysuckle daydream
  • Paris lights
  • Aurora Borealis
  • Tangerine glow
  • Dragon’s blood
  • Cellophane rainbow
  • Sugary euphoria
  • Soft violet clouds
  • Amaryllis petals
  • Midnight glitter
  • Cotton castle
  • F a r a w a y
  • Angel dust
  • Brain waves
  • Morningstar

Sad playlist names

Sometimes we all feel a little bit sad due to heartbreak or many other reasons. In these times, music comes to your rescue.

Sad playlist namesPiano keys. Photo:, @MabelAmber
Source: UGC

  • A hole inside my heart
  • Crying at a party
  • Therapy session
  • In my feels
  • Drowning
  • Full of despair
  • Sad tunes
  • It will rain
  • Gonna get over you
  • Heartbreaker
  • I won’t give up
  • Bad day
  • Losing hope
  • I miss you
  • 3 am
  • Mixed feelings
  • Sad 2 see you go
  • Silence of tears
  • Rainy nights
  • Echoes and silence

Aesthetic playlist names

These cool playlist names will be very fitting for the aesthetic compilations.

Usually, they carry a specific vibe so that the person who listens to these songs can feel like they are in a particular situation.

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  • It’s summer 1983, you fell in love somewhere in northern Italy
  • Vintage playlist but you’re a teenager in love
  • Songs that make you feel like a misunderstood villain
  • Songs for when you’re growing up too fast
  • Late night vibes
  • A cottagecore folk mix for fairies
  • Dark royalty core aesthetic playlist
  • Songs to listen while thinking of someone
  • A playlist that will make you feel like the main character
  • A light academia classical study playlist

Rock playlist names

You can have a look at these rock music playlist names that are imaginative and will make people want to listen to your timeless rock songs.

  • Viral dreams
  • Progressive rock ballads
  • Chains of Angel
  • Solid rock for summer
  • A look back at metal
  • Break Guitar Solos
  • Cave of Rock & Roll
  • Highway Selects
  • 90s Joys
  • The celebrated rock stars

Rap playlist names

Check out these playlist name ideas for rap songs that sound fresh and modern.

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  • Feeling gangsta
  • Dope songs
  • Be easy, be free
  • That’s a rap
  • Sicko mode
  • Drinks on me
  • Str8 vibin’
  • Preparing to fly
  • Lighter ride
  • Get lit, stay lit

What do you name an indie playlist?

Indie tracks are people’s jam lately, so there is a high chance that listeners will get interested in your indie song compilation.

Cool playlist namesLaptop and vinyl record. Photo:, @theglassdesk
Source: UGC

  • Chillout Alternative
  • Discover Covers
  • The sound of sunshine
  • Garage funk
  • Journey to idk.
  • Feel-Good Indie
  • Fresh Indie
  • Future Hyperpop
  • Gold Metropolis
  • New Outliers

Country playlist names

Here are some names for playlists that contain country music. It never goes out of style and is always popular among people.

  • Yee to my Haw
  • Livin’ the farm life
  • Country Tunes
  • Land for Miles
  • Cowboy like me
  • That Southern accent
  • Old Country Love
  • Romanticizing Life
  • Stories of country life
  • Storytellers of the past

R&B playlist names

We bring you some good playlist names for R&B tracks that will make you dance. They are a good fit for a dance class or a party with friends.

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  • Vibes
  • Really be vibin’ doe
  • All day, every day
  • Dancing the night away
  • Jamming out to
  • Best bops
  • All time bops
  • Feeling GOOD
  • Unlikely youth
  • Mega hit crash
  • Summer beach party
  • Teen mixtape

Grunge playlist names

Check out the best playlist names for grunge songs. This genre has a lot of dedicated admirers.

Grunge playlist namesBlue guitar. Photo:, @rahu
Source: UGC

  • Skateboarding at night
  • It’s not a phase, mom, it’s a lifestyle
  • Back in the days
  • Daydreamin’
  • Windows down
  • Things I can’t say out loud
  • Entire life crisis
  • Sad hours
  • Unspoken thoughts
  • I saw you in a dream
  • You’re unique
  • To the end of time
  • Pulsations of the stars
  • Do you feel music?
  • Angel of the morning
  • My comfort zone
  • My lonely days
  • Say goodbye to our galaxy
  • The future stars today, not tomorrow
  • Hold me in your arms
  • When the soul listens
  • A couple of hours after sunset
  • Stars are always dancing
  • Out of control
  • That night I looked at you

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Sassy playlist names

Do you want to feel like you are on top of the world? Create a playlist with sassy and confident songs about self-love.

  • Queen Music
  • Happy as hell
  • Too cool for school
  • Tough times don’t last
  • Liberating
  • Strong hits
  • Girl Power
  • Songs that make you feel like a baddie
  • You’re the badass female character
  • I can’t talk right now, I’m doing hot girl things

These creative Spotify playlist names will be the first step to creating unforgettable song compilations that you and other people will enjoy.

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